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Days 8 & 9: Riga

The ‘Isabella’ arrived in Riga at 11.00 and I was met by George on a bicycle. Dodging the heavy showers, We rode to Kitija’s grandma’s apartment which was to be my home for 2 nights. Leaving my bicycle and luggage we headed back into Riga to spend the rest of the day drinking coffee, eating very tasty food, walking and generally catching up. Riga is to be recommended. It’s a lovely city, full of history and character.

The next day Kitija, George and I caught a train to the seaside town of Jurmala. A lovely place to visit. I managed my first swim in the Baltic, refreshing and not too chilly. We joined the holidaymakers and wandered through a park of pine trees and climbed to the top of a very high viewing platform. Returning to Riga we met and Kitija’s mum and grandma and had a Georgian meal washed down with Georgian wine. It was lovely to see them again.

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