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Day 24: Kaliningrad to Frombork

Retracing my tracks to the station was easy. My bags were xrayed on entry to the station and then it was up to platform 3. A relaxed journey to Mamonova with plenty of room for bicycle. A lady sitting next to me was curious about what I was doing. communication was tricky. I did my best to explain and she ended up pouring over my map looking for places she knew.

Mamonova was the end of the line.  I wound my way from the station, through the small town and onto the road to the border.

At the border I was waved to the front of the queue. Definitely worth being on a bicycle. A cursory question about vodka and cigarettes and I was back in the EU. I felt a hearty pang of regret that I wouldn’t be part of it in the future.

Through Braniewo where I sat out a heavy downpour in a cafe and then on to Frombork home of Copernicus. I didn’t manage to avoid the next deluge on the way.

Frombork is a small port on the Vistula Lagoon. It’s pretty and dominated by a 14th century cathedral. I went up the water tower, an innovative design in its time to supply water to the cathedral. There was a good view from the top.

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