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Day 21: Zelenogradsk to Svetlogorsk

This way a day of testing the ease of taking my bicycle on the Kaliningrad railway. As the crow flies, it would have been only 12km to ride to Svetlogorsk. However, the safer way was by train. As the only direct train was too early, I first went into Kaliningrad city and then out to Svetlogorsk. Both legs took about 40 minutes.

There were 4 very steep steps to climb onboard. I had carefully sorted out in my mind the logistics of manovering by bike and panniers onto the train, but there had been no need. At each stage I was swooped upon by people offering to help. I stood, holding onto my bike, in the doorway and it was just fine.

At Kaliningrad a jovial ticket inspector showed me the way in and out for bicycles and found out the time of the train to Svetlogorsk. I had just over an hour to spare so went to have a quick look outside the station and find a bicycle friendly cafe.

I arrived in Svetlogorsk about 2pm and checked into a very smart hotel, complete with 2 balconies – an ideal place to catch up with washing.

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