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Day 7: Haninge to the Stockholm ferry

A well signed bicycle track took me to the outskirts of Stockholm. From there it was a little tricky but with a little from passers by I found my way onto Sodermalm island and the heart of Stockholm, another capital city. I carried on to the ferry terminal and met Kristina, who had been on the ferry the previous night, on her bicycle at a roundabout. She was returning on the ferry to Helsinki. As we both had time to spare we went to eat a pizza. Kristina had spent the previous night wild camping in the forest. I felt quite wimpish to admit to a hotel.

I was the first to board the ferry and road the length of the car deck before locking up to a metal grill. Up to my cabin and then onto the top deck to watch us leave Stockholm. It took 3 hours to reach the open sea, sailing down the inlets, bays and finally past the many wooded islands. A lovely way to spend a summer’s evening.

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