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Day 20: Revisiting the Curonian spit

A day for exploring without my bicycle. Although they’d been heavy rain in the night, the blue sky was back by morning. I set off to the bus station and found the bus to Morskoye, just 12 km from Nida. It was cramped with people off for the day on the spit.

I walked back from Morskoye, a village on the lagoon side, to the main road and across to see the Baltic. It felt good to be walking.

Next stop were the big Efa dunes. It meant walking back along the road for a couple of kilometres and also taking the opportunity to wander in the forest.

The dunes were quite spectacular, a desert landscape in between the forest and lagoon. I could see the Morskoye in the distance.

Over to the Baltic side I found I was at the same place as I’d stopped with my bicycle the day before. The beach was no longer deserted and the cafe was open. It was borsch for lunch.

It was 6km along to the ‘dancing trees’ so I thought I’d catch bus, but ended up with a lift along with a woman from St. Petersburg and her daughter. It was pleasant on the boardwalk around the trees but I preferred the dunes.

Back to Zelenogradsk on the bus, this time with a seat, and another evening meal at the restaurant overlooking the Baltic.

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