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Day 17: Klaipeda

A day off cycling was rather welcome. Knowing my bicycle was safely tucked in the basement of the hotel, I spent the morning on a walking tour of Klaipeda. I liked it. There was an overwhelming sense that it had been through a turbulent history and was now flourishing. A cruise ship had docked for the day and things were bustling.

After the tour I joined, Beatrice and Rebecca, a mother and daughter from Switzerland who were on the cruise and we took the ferry across to the spit. They weren’t impressed with cruise life, especially being seated with fellow Swiss at the dinner table. We spent a pleasant afternoon. Beatrice was keen to find capsules and write her name and number in a little notepad in the capsules as proof of the find. It involved climbing trees.

We walked through the forests, into the sand dunes and onto the Baltic facing beach. Time for another paddle.

By 17.15 we were ready for the 5 minute ferry journey back. Beatrice and Rebecca returned to their ship and I headed back to my hotel. It had been a good reconnaissance mission for taking my bicycle onto the spit tomorrow and heading for Nida.

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