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Day 16: Palanga to Klaipeda

This was an easy day riding. Less than 30 km winding through forest and nature reserves along the coast on Euro ’10’ bike path. At one stage I erred on the side of caution and put on my jacket as there was a refreshing drizzle in the air.

I stopped to look at a glacial lake from a hide. Lots of birds as promised but no beavers to be seen.

Past the remnants of a village than covered 7 km of the coastline, long since razed to the ground.

It was a very pleasant ride and the ’10’ conveniently took me past the door of my hotel.

Klaipeda has an old centre, a dense network of cobbled streets. I had a stroll round to get my bearings, followed by an early night. The next day I had the whole day to explore.

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