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Day 10: Riga to Apsuciems

The start of the back to ride to Gdansk. It seemed a little daunting. George accompanied me on his bike to where I joined the bike path to Jurmala. It ran alongside the train track we had taken the day before and was reassuringly familiar. A final photo, a hug and a wave and I was off.

I then pressed on. No coffee stop at Jurmula today. A left turn and along the coast. I tried riding on ‘hard’ sand where the tide had been in but it was hard work. I was heading straight into a brisk Baltic breeze.

I followed the coastal road, with bike path most of the way. On my right was the Baltic so no problem with navigation there. The coast is deserted and beautiful with pine forests along the beach.

And then I arrived at Apsuciems and the hotel, Villa Anna. Right next to the sea.

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