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The Parus hotel is to be recommended. The morning revealed a view of the mighty River Amur from my window and after a millet porridge breakfast, with fresh blackcurrants, I was ready to explore.

First stop was a boat ride on the river to see the famous bridge, pictured on the 5000 ruble note. Drinking coffee, as we cruised past working river boats and the sights of Kharbarovsk was a lovely way to start the day.

A fellow passenger kindly dug deep into her bag to show me the note, a little concerned I wouldn’t realise its significance. The bridge is 3,890 metres long and carries both rail and road. My photos don’t do it justice but fortunately I have a note to show.

Time for lunch and to follow up on a recommendation, of a Khabarovsk resident on the Eastern Dream, to visit the Vdrova pizza restaurant, the best in Siberia. I think he was right. An excellent pizza, home made white wine and a meeting with a family who were keen to make sure I felt welcome.

My afternoon was spent walking. Khabarovsk has a magnificent tree lined main street with fine old buildings and an excellent museum – the nearest I will come to the famous Amur tiger.

The next morning I went down to the river for a jog. The air felt fresh, the sunshine warm and fishermen were out in force. It was ideal preparation for the journey ahead to Ulan Ude.

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