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Nizhny Novograd

Nizhny Novograd is a historic trading city, built on the banks of the Volga.  But for me it was much more than that. A plan, hatched early in the summer, had come to fruition. George flew in from Moscow to join me on the final 441 kilometres of the Trans Siberian leg of my journey.

But first we had a day to explore Nizhny.

It was a lovely blue sky summer’s day so we saw the city at its best. With a kremlin perched high on a rocky outcrop, ornate buildings painted in pastel shades, cobbled streets and plenty of statues Nizhny Novograd is steeped in history.

After a coffee stop or two and lunch, we headed along the riverside and had a ride on a cable car which took us over the Volga to Bor….and back.

Back to the city centre to do what tourists do.

A dinner of cabbage filled pies was followed by a cruise on the Volga, passing under the cable car and beyond Bor.

I succumbed to some Nizhny Novograd shot glasses, George to a fridge magnet, and then we were ready to head for Moscow. Nizhny had been a wonderful stop, lots of walking and lots of talking.

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